Reflection 2: Meeting requirements


1. Virtual meetings are becoming common practice in the workplace. What have you learned so far by attending the weekly online tutorials?

It overcomes the problems of distance and time. The tutorials start  and end at specific times. It is a good way to summarise the readings of the week and clarify any question you may have.

2. What is the chairperson required to do once a meeting is complete?

At the end of a meeting, the chairperson should:

  • Summarise the key  decisions and follow up actions to the members.
  • Arrange the time and date of the next meeting.
  • Thank the members for their participation.
  • Finally, the chairperson should declare the meeting has come to an end.

3. What are some of the consequences of not correctly storing meeting documentation?

Not keeping a good minute record can cause a waste of time in future meetings by re disscusing an issue already been discussed and agreed before. The purpose of the meeting is lost.


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