Refection 3: Pre-conference Planning

Define the aim/goal of the project using the SMART criteria.

Goal: To hold the yearly conference for LNA Masters Landscapers Association for 100 senior members with a budget of $20,000

List all stakeholders including the sponsor/requesting body.

  • LNA Masters Landscapers Association (Sponsor)
  • Members of the association
  • Guest speakers
  • Venue staff
  • Power Staff
  • Sound & Lighting staff
  • Tables & Chairs staff
  • Transport and accommodation staff
  • Catering Staff

List possible scope items ie major tasks you’ll be required to complete.

  • Book Venue
    • Identify potential venues
    • Decide venue
  • Power
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Catering (Identify participants with specific needs)
  • Identify participants who need transport and accommodation
  • Hire transport and accommodation
  • Find and invite two relevant guest speakers
  • Collect audio/visual equipment requirements for the presenters and ensure they have been met.
  • Invitations and pre-conference information packs including details on transport, venue, catering and accommodation
  • Generate conference program
  • The promotional strategy and publicity material
  • Registration procedures and documentation

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