Reflection 5: Conference planning

 What tasks should be included in your conference planning and why?

Determine the conference purpose Having a clear understanding of the purpose of the conference, you will be able to confidently coordinate, delegate and develop the planning.

Prepare a timeline: to help calculate, timetable and manage the conference schedule.

Confirm budget Budget will control all activities and decisions

Confirm the facilities required: By confirming all requirements with the stakeholders you make sure that, when you make arrangements, they conform to those agreed upon.

Planning the program the variety and depth of the program  will ensure a successful conference.

Identifying participants  The number of participants will  determined the conference budget, the size of the venue, and the cost of travel and accommodation.

Administrative requirements To manage conference data and resources efficiently and enable the conference to flow smoothly.

Why is it important to contact your guest speakers early in the planning stage?

it’s essential to contact potential speakers as early as possible, to enquire if they are interested and available on the date required and if a fee is involved.  If they accept the invitation and the fee is within budget, confirm any requirements they may have, such as electronic presentation facilities, and if they need accommodation and travel arrangements to be made.


Planning a conference, lecture notes, Diploma of Business Administration BSB50415, TAFE NSW Online., viewed 16 Nov 2016


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